Change & Value Coaching
Counseling in difficult situations


  • Are changes coming up in your life, or are you already in a personal process of change?
  • Do you have to manage special challenges, situations, crisis or conflicts?
  • Do you want to reflect on your situation and your point of view? Do you want to detect and develop new personal resources?
  • Are personal growth, continuous development and success important for you?
  • Or do you simply want to achieve your objectives faster and in a more efficient manner.

Then coaching is an efficient support. You have a competent neutral personal at your disposal to objectively discuss the current situation, your personal feelings and emotions, possibilities. Together we explore alternative answers and solutions.

In the focus are

  • Your mission, role and situation
  • Your objectives and the question how to achieve them
  • Your values and what is important for you
  • Your motivation, your strength and development
  • Value orientation and value creation

Especially for managers this kind of coaching is an ideal way to increase their self management competences. My role as coach is to accompany you in your situation and to support your personal growth.

On Mind Management is the focus of my coachings. Because inner attitude and mind set, and not behavior are the driving force for long term success.
Here what is important is the recognition and development of one’s own ways of thinking, values and vision and to discover resources to be applied in a goal-oriented manner.

In the sessions the problematic thought schematic can be extracted from difficult management situations. The manager’s attitudes and values find their expression in corresponding feelings and behaviors and may have a negative impact on the personal well-being and the well-being of the employees.

The aim of coaching is to transform restraining into favorable forms of thought that thus lead to appropriate behavior so that management tasks can be fulfilled in a more effective, stress-free and successful.

Any and all information discussed during the coaching will be treated will absolute discretion.