Information, reflection, inspiration, encouragement, resourcement

  • Is professional and personal development important for you?
  • Are optimization of well-being, increase of efficiency, performance and success important subjects for you?
  • Are you looking for development measures, which require a small time input, which are practice related and at the same time cost efficient? Do you want to address many participants or even all your staff at the same time?

Then my IMPULSE sessions are the ideal measure for you or  your company to sensitize the participants and to create an enlarged conscience for certain subjects. My IMPULSE sessions offer information, impulses, new ideas and inspiration as well as resourcement and encouragement.

The objective is to provide impulses, initiate reflections and to show potential for change and development, which can easily be used in the everyday life.

The topics you desire to be covered will be adapted according to your individual needs. My presentation is compact and very practically, easy to be immediately applied by the participants and sustainable efficient.